PRODUCT Plug-ins

Construction BI offers Power BI data analtyics and reporting plug-ins for some of the most common Construction software platforms on the market. Construction BI integrates common 3rd party construction SaaS platform datasets and makes them available through Microsoft Power BI. With these product plug-ins, a client is able to harness the valuable data they have sitting in their Construction applications and integrate it together with other data sources.

Current product plug-ins are available for Procore, SmartBid  (beta), Cosential (beta), ClashMEP (beta), and PlanGrid (coming soon).

Additionally, consulting services are available to integrate Sage 300, CMiCViewPointBluebeamDynamics CRM, and SharePoint into Power BI. 

With these powerful Power BI plug-ins, Construction BI can transform your data sitting in disparate systems into a integrated and actionable format that will help drive positive project outcomes and improve business efficiency and results.

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In addition to product plug-ins, Construction BI offers custom reporting services. Click here to learn more about our Services.