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The Power BI App for Procore enables your Procore data to be integrated with Microsoft Power BI. It comes with an out of the box set of Power BI templates that includes over 80 dashboards and reports based on standard Procore data sets such as project, user, vendor, insurance, prime contracts, draw requests, schedules, meetings, RFI’s, inspections, observations, submittals, punch items, daily logs, and more.

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Dashboards available with the Power BI App for Procore

From a Financial perspective the Construction BI App exposes your Prime Contracts, Change Orders, Commitments, Budget Details, PayApps and all other financial details – enabling you to quickly understand your financial position and any risks. Visualize outliers in your budget and take action to correct problematic suppliers, trades, or resources.

Financial Insights

Budget Insights

Change Order Insights

Financial Tool Utilization

From a Project Management perspective, the Construction BI App provides analytics across all project toolsets such as Project Schedules, RFI’s, Meetings, Submittals, & Transmittals.  The App focuses on project data that requires attention and quickly provides the insights needed to resolve project issues and move forward efficiently.

Project Insights

Project Scorecard

Project Tool Utilization

Project Status Report

From a Quality & Safety perspective, the Construction BI App highlights delays and performance issues with insights into Daily Logs, Observations, Inspections, and Punch Lists. Machine Learning algorithms are used to act as an early warning system that detects problematic issues allowing you to proactively correct them before they cause schedule delays and cost overruns.

Quality & Safety Insights

Observation Insights

Inspection Insights

Punch Item Insights

Log Insights